The secrets behind a premium mouth-watering muffin¬†ūüßĀ¬†¬†

It certainly isn’t the thing to do to give away all your secrets but I am tempted when celebrating the success of our talented Product Development team.

Cherrytree Bakery’s NPD team are experts at developing classic customer favourites along with new innovative ideas and our range of bespoke premium muffins are no exception.

Muffins have become a key part of the British baking industry but with a myriad of flavours, concepts and levels of indulgence to choose from, products need to work harder to stand out.

The¬†options are endless¬†‚ÄstHFSS (High fat, salt and sugar), Vegan, Protein & Bright Colours¬†–¬†and¬†that is where our NPD team can help.¬†Using quality ingredients, our premium muffins can¬†be injected with¬†bespoke¬†and¬†on trend¬†ingredients,¬†and frostings¬†and¬†icings¬†hand decorated¬†with toppings of your choice.

Despite producing 65,000,000 units a year, we still value the personal touch and each product is personally finished by a member of our team. This approach allows us to offer much more flexibility in terms of product range, limited editions and range variations, in comparison with many of our competitors who have limited flexibility due to automation.

NPD should be innovative, creative and meet current consumer trends. If you have a new line, limited edition or would like to freshen up your range or product design, our team can make this happen.

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