Our people are the lifeblood of our business and who we depend on every day to make our fantastic products.

We strive to provide them with a safe working environment that supports productivity, dignity and self-esteem. As a local employer, we contribute positively to employment within the local community.

We are also aware of the risks and dangers posed to people in our global supply chain, and the other countries we source from, who can be at risk to exploitation and abuse. As a SEDEX member, we are committed to championing their cause within our own supply chain and continuously improving our own ethical performance, having a positive impact within our sphere of influence.


We also give back to our local community, and as a member of Burnley Bondholders – a powerful network of local businesses – we are committed to promoting the town across the UK and encouraging investment. As such, we source supplies from local businesses where possible and many of our colleagues engage in local fund-raising events. We also engage with the local community through donations to local food banks and local schools.

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