For over a decade we’ve led the market in our product categories.

Our systemic approach to innovation synthesises various sources of inspiration. We combine the superb market insights of our Innovation Director, Helen Colley, with investments in market data, on-the-ground trend research and benchmarking, and the creativity of our gifted New Product Development team. The result? Exciting, bespoke products that taste amazing, create sustainable commercial value for our customers and move our categories forward.

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Terry's Chocolate Orange Muffin


Our operational flexibility also allows us great freedom in our development kitchen, to push the boundaries of what large-scale manufacturers can produce. Cherrytree products are defined by their hand-finished, artisanal execution, and we also constantly look to expand into, or create, new product categories.

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We’re also innovators in packaging.

We work hard to leverage our operational flexibility and provide innovative packaging solutions that add value to our customer. From injecting vibrancy and colour into muffin cases, to replacing plastic packaging with compostable pulp materials, to plastic-free bulk packaging formats that makes life easier for retail ISB. We optimise all our packaging to suit the needs of our customer.

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Lidl Ultimate Brownie Tray